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Public Talks
China-Russia 2023 Scenario Planning Workshop
Chatham House, 17 October 2023
Sanctions, Partnerships and Diplomatic Tightropes: Sino-Russian Relations Amid The Ukraine Crisis
Asia Society Switzerland, 29 August 2023
Russia sanctions: purpose vs. reality
Center of Excellence in Anti-Money Laundering, 17 May 2023
Breaking points - how stable is Russia in wartime?
German Institute for International and Security Affairs, 8 December 2022
EU sanctions circumvention on Russia and Belarus
EU Commission, 23 November 2022
Russia's buildup near Ukraine? What can the EU do? (webinar)
CEPS, 17 January 2022
Business as usual? How Russia circumvents Western sanctions
RUSI, 28 September 2023
How Russia and China approach sanctions
Merics Podcast, 19 July 2023
EU sanctions circumvention on Russia and Belarus: expert roundtable
EU Commission, 8 June 2023
Taking Stock of Sanctions on Russia: how will the Russian economy survive and transform?
Columbia University, 14 December 2022
Russia's war: How will it shape the region's future?
Chatham House, 1 December 2022
Financial sanctions after Russia 2022: lessons learnt, future perspectives 
ECFR, 16 November 2022
The future warfare and deterrence
Wilton Park, October 2022
Western sanctions towards Russia (podcast)
The European Leadership Network, 25 May 2021
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