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In The Media
Europe's natural gas problem is stubborn: Russia currently holds the trump cards​
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 27 November 2021
Europe's soaring gas prices: does Russia hold solution to crisis?
The Guardian, 7 October 2021
How to fight the "black knight"? A researcher from the University of Zurich talks about sanctions against the Lukashenko regime (in Belarusian)
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Interview, 15 September 2021
The Russian Pipeline That Turned Into a Lightening Rod
Foreign Policy, 23 July 2021
New EU sanctions to target Belarusian industry
Deutsche Welle, Live interview, 28 May 2021
Belarus: forced landing and Pratasevich detention ‘changes EU calculus on sanctions’
WorldECR, 27 May 2021
Will EU sanctions in Belarus have any impact?
Deutsche Welle, Live interview, 17 November 2021
Kremlin pushes for opening of controversial gas pipeline as European prices soar
The Telegraph, 15 September 2021
Winter is Coming: Europe's Gas Markets Hit Unusual Turbulence - And Eyes Turn to Moscow
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 27 August 2021
As Biden gets tough on Russia, EU still lukewarm on more sanctions
WorldECR, Issue #100, June 2021
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